Auberge Limerzelaise

Limerzel passion
Restaurant at Limerzel*
  • In a truly idyllic Breton inn, Jacques Letué’s enthusiastic cuisine will win you over!

    Listen to the chef! "Here in this old house, I try to offer satisfying, desirable, passionate cuisine to share together…" So that’s that, we’re going! Frankly, with such a passionate chef, how could we resist? The John Dory is served in a pea and rocket sauce, the andouille (spiced sausage) in a tart with prawns, the oysters hot, and the scallops in a reduced shellfish jus. "We aim for lightness, not too much cream, broths…" Quail, beef and duck are also on the menu, so it’s difficult to make a choice once you’re seated in this peaceful inn situated in a lovely market town of no more than 1,200 inhabitants, criss-crossed with walking paths, ideal for recharging your batteries in the countryside.
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