A springtime contemporary circus festival
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Ay-Roop© Ay-Roop
  • Each spring, the Ay-Roop Festival brings new circus ideas to Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine and Brittany. These contemporary circus shows are great fun, while retaining a sense of magic, and will appeal to all ages.

    “Ay-Roop” is the shout used in the circus when raising the big top. A showcase of contemporary circus skills, the festival has become an unmissable event!. A dozen shows, each more original than the last, will be held in various locations over two weeks. Performers from all four corners of the globe will amaze all ages with acts that combine acrobatics with song and dance routines. And if, after seeing a show, your little ones think they've found their calling, there are workshops, taster sessions and meetings with artists to give them a chance to display their talents. With dazzling performers filling every eye with wonder, at the Ay-Roop festival the ring belongs to the stars!
  • From March 14, 2019 until March 30, 2019
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