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Snorkeling with your family
at Plougasnou

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  • Maybe you’ve already been snorkeling. With a mask on and snorkel in your mouth, it is easy to discover the riches of the sea bed in Morlaix Bay.

    A qualified guide will accompany you throughout your trip to explain how to use the gear and take you to the most remarkable sites. The principle is simple and easy for the whole family, even for the youngest children. You remain on the surface with your face in the water and breathe through your snorkel. You will feel like you’re flying. Youngsters will really appreciate the ability to discover this new world: once they have the mask in the water, a new universe opens up to them. As they gaze into the water, they will lose any fear they may have had of swimming where they can’t stand up. In any case you will remain very close to the coast. There is a wide variety of marine life. Kids won’t find any little Nemos, but a lot of other fish and the pretty rocks will amaze them. Your guide, who loves his region, will even have a legend to tell the children... and adults.
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  • From July 1, 2020 until September 30, 2020
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