Balade nature en pirogue hawaïenne

Crozon in a Hawaiian dug-out canoe
at Crozon

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  • Young and old will all enjoy this very special outing aboard a unique Hawaiian dug-out canoe, which will enable you to visit the amazing caves in Morgat. A chance to get away from the beaten track and see something different.

    Looking just like something out of a cartoon, your dug-out canoe will certainly excite young adventurers. From the age of 6, they can climb aboard this beautiful craft with its bright, happy colours: red and yellow… You can all get on board one canoe as a family and share some special time together that your children will remember for a long time. Amaury will be your guide for this trip lasting from one to two hours. An expert in his field, he will tell you all about its history and its unique characteristics. Maybe youngsters will develop a real passion for paddling afterwards? Amaury loves his region and knows all its secrets, which he will willingly share with you. The highlight of the trip will be the visit to the sea caves in Morgat, which always leave our young adventurers speechless.
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