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Get your flippers on in Audierne Bay
at Audierne

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  • Setting out from Esquibien, young and old alike can explore various marine environments thanks to this underwater voyage, where you will certainly encounter lots of different things.

    The whole family from the age of 8 can share this voyage of discovery in the deep blue sea. Your marine guide knows Audierne Bay well, and thanks to his enthusiasm, he will share his knowledge of the environment with you. There to educate you and your children, he will answer any questions you may have. The real adventure will begin once you are in the water. Another world for budding divers to discover, and so many things to learn about. Soon you will be like a fish in water and will be swimming above a wide range of mysterious sites, which hide a wealth of plant and animal life. If you pause for a moment by the sandbanks, if you keep quiet, and don’t move, you will get to see cuttlefish and soles swimming along on the sand. Youngsters will be amazed. Alongside the rocks, it is a completely different world: they are the hiding place for fish such as sea bass, wrasse, etc. Stranger still: the anemones and multitude of shellfish will amaze your children… and you too. All of the equipment you need will be provided: wetsuit, mask, flippers, snorkel and board. Another unusual aspect: your guides will help you choose which seaweed to eat.
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  • From June 15, 2020 until October 10, 2020
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