Catamaran en presqu'île de Crozon

An exciting trip in Douarnenez Bay
at Crozon

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  • Climb aboard a comfortable, yet lively catamaran in Morgat and enjoy sailing and see your kids thrilled by the speed.

    According to all those, who have been on this trip, Erwan, the skipper, who will come with you is an excellent teacher and will tell your children all about the sea. Even the very young, who know little of the marine environment will enjoy this excursion, where they won’t feel any fear and can ask any questions they may have. Between the Crozon Peninsula and Douarnenez Bay, there are ideal waters to discover some amazing landscapes: Cape de la Chèvre and the rocks known as the Tas de Pois are among the features you can see along this rugged coastline, where your imagination can conjure up all of the famous legends. Pleased to be able to share his passion with you, Erwan will be happy to let you take the helm and take part in manoeuvres. So, the wind is getting up and the position of the catamaran changes, with the wind in her sails… and she’s off! You soar away immediately allowing your children to enjoy the excitement of speed on the water...
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