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Hot-air balloon at Quessoy

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  • Air Nature Ballon organises balloon flights all year round, setting off from the Château de Bogard, for wonderful views of the fields, forests and villages around Saint-Brieuc bay.

    The Air Nature Ballon company has established its launch pad in the picturesque grounds of the18th-century Château de Bogard at Quessy. The trip starts early in the morning or late afternoon with preparations to inflate the balloon, which you can join in. Then the balloon starts to rise... And you're up, up and away for an airborne trip lasting one hour, with 360° views! Looking down from the basket, at 400, 500 or even 1,000 metres above the ground, you see the grand panorama unfold below you. The hot air balloon goes where the wind blows. With your head in the clouds, you'll fly over rivers, châteaux and woodland. You'll see the coastline of Saint-Brieuc bay and the multi-coloured mosaic of the area around Moncontour. A real life geography lesson with the sweet smell of freedom...
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