Centre-école de plongée Eric Sauvage

Not so much French Polynesia, more 'Breton Polynesia'!
Diving at Concarneau

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  • The Éric Sauvage diving centre in Concarneau is one of the only establishments to teach spear fishing. So don't miss your chance to see the wonderful, richly-populated underwater world in Quiberon Bay.

    The Éric Sauvage diving centre (CPES) is special in that it's one of the only establishments in France to teach spear fishing. And what better place to learn this sport than Quiberon Bay and the Glénan archipelago? "This area is like paradise in some respects," Eric agrees. "It amazes people every time. It's like discovering Polynesia in mainland France." The centre, one of France's recognised diving schools, offers courses, training sessions, exploratory excursions, and hunting and snorkelling expeditions, for both beginners and experienced divers, from February to November. "First and foremost it's a way to learn about nature; catching fish is secondary. There's no end to what you can see," he tells us, as someone who's used to coming up close to dolphins, basking sharks, sea bass, pollock and sea bream. Although spear fishing is always carried out as freediving, CEPS also runs scuba diving courses.
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    • In the town centre  :  8 rue Duguay Trouin
    • At the seaside
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