Centre Nautique de Roscoff

Privateer for a day aboard a schooner
at Roscoff

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  • The schooner Fillao awaits you in Roscoff, the old home of privateers, for a trip back in time into history, which will introduce your children to sailing.

    For budding sailors, Morlaix Bay is a remarkable playground. You can sail from island to island, passing some truly impressive historical sites, such as the Château du Taureau, a former prison, which resembles one of the Napoleonic fortresses. The crew accompanying you are very enthusiastic about their region and will be pleased to share their love of sailing with you. They will not hesitate to hand the helm over to anyone, who wishes to enjoy this experience of controlling the boat and the power of the wind. They will lend you their binoculars to allow the whole family to observe birds, such as the puffins, gulls, and even razorbills. Even more amazing, seals and other sea mammals can be seen in these waters, if you watch carefully and remain quiet. All of the equipment you need to watch as well as the safety gear is supplied. You should remember to bring some warm clothing, a wind cheater and something to protect you from the sun and water.
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