Take the tiller of the Charlotte in the bay of the corsairs!
Sailing at Saint-Malo

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  • Yann takes you aboard a Barfleur vaquelotte - a traditional Breton sailing boat. Together you will set off to explore the historic heritage of Saint-Malo Bay

    Saint-Malo Bay holds no secrets for Yann. Aboard the Charlotte, he will take you on a tour to see every nook and cranny. He will interrupt historical anecdotes about the built heritage of Saint-Malo by heaving to as close as possible to some rocky islet and taking out his binoculars. "Shhh...Can you see them? They're building their nest." Bird-watching is at the heart of the trip which sometimes goes as far as the Hébihens Islands. On the way back, Yann continues to impress you by playing his last trump card: "Time for a nautical aperitif!" A splendid way to round off a magnificent day out.
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