Cidrerie de la Baie

Cider making, step by step
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  • From orchard to tankard, the Cidrerie de la Baie cider farm shares the secrets of producing its unrivalled organic cider. At the end of your tour of the farm, you can enjoy a delicious tasting session.

    The tour starts in the orchard, with its 7,000 apple trees. There are no fewer than 14 different varieties planted in rows, grown using organic farming methods. Corinne and Jean-Marc will help you to spot the little creatures that make their homes there at different seasons of the year: tits, bats, hens... Back at the cidery, the couple will show you the techniques used in the production of Breton cider. They'll talk about their enthusiasm, their craft, and their delicious products (cider, apple juice, pommeau - a fortified apple juice served as an aperitif - jams etc.). The one-hour visit includes a tasting session. If all the walking has given you an appetite, the Cidrerie de la Baie has crepes on the menu. And if you want to carry on exploring, you can go for a donkey-ride and look at the countryside around the farm. If you like, you can go as far as the beach, an hour and a half's walk away.
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  • From July 1, 2020 until August 31, 2020
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