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Quality: a family passion!
Crafts and technical visits at Surzur

Cidrerie NicolCidrerie Nicol
  • Since 1928, the Nicol cider factory in Surzur, near the Gulf of Morbihan, has been using its know-how and the quality of the local growing area to promote and improve cider. It's a family business founded on a passion for the product. Taste some and find out why!

    Beside the Gulf of Morbihan and the Rhuys peninsula, the microclimate allows the cultivation of apples that are rich in sugars. Have you heard of Douce Moën or La Peau de Chien? These are some of the old varieties used by the Nicol cider factory to express all the richness of the Breton vintage. For three generations it has been producing craft cidre bouché and apple juice, applying all its accumulated know-how, paying due respect to the environment and using its feel for quality. To taste its prize-winning products, go to the sales area. There you will find the traditional dry, demi-sec and sweet ciders and also Royal Guillevic, a rare, quality-labelled sparkling cider. When it comes to apple juice, those who love bubbles will opt for Pommette de Rhuys. The sales area also offers regional produce, including honey from our orchard beehives. Want to know more? At Le Hezo, just 10 minutes away from the cider factory, the Nicol family runs a little museum called 'La Maison du Cidre'.
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