Circuit de Langroez, La Vraie Croix

Walking/pedestrian ,  Mountain biking ,  Horse-riding at La Vraie-Croix

9.0 km
2h 15min
9.0 km
Mountain biking
1h 15min
9.0 km
1h 30min
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  • The village of La Vraie Croix is known for the quality of its architectural heritage (18th century chapel and Fontaine du Saint "Fountain of Saints") and especially its flowers (European Grand Prix and "Village fleuri - 4 fleur" award, the highest honour). The hilly trail follows the creek of Coët Ruel, and then the creek of Ferrières.
    Therefore, some passages are impassable in winter.

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Points of interest
1 Departure La Vraie-Croix Pond
Walk along the pond, take the stairs up to the road and continue about 500m until you reach the stadium. Continue on the path between the stadium and the road towards the mill of Coët Ruel. Turn left before the small village and follow the creek of Ferrières (often flooded in winter). Climb up the slope to the left until you reach a fenced narrowing on your right. Go down and turn right, going up the road about 700m (remarkable view of the town).
2 Le Tostal
At the entrance of the fitness trail (picnic area), follow the stone wall. To the left, ruins of the homes of workers who came to build the railroad in the late 19th century. Take the farm road. At the end of this road, take a paved road for 150m and turn left on a sunken road.
3 Pont Quil (Quil Bridge)
Turn right at the bottom of the hill, cross the bridge and find the isolated house. The "Pierre du sacrifice" (Sacrificial Stone) is located 250m towards Sulniac.
After the road, cross another bridge and take sunken road (impassable in winter) towards Bréfodo. Walk through the village, turn right at the road and then pick up the path on your left.
At the road, turn left and then right after 150m. Cross the flat stone bridge and a wetland, and pick up the road on the right.
4 Le Furgam
Go up the road 30m and take a nice path to the right before the end of the paved road. At the municipal workshops, turn right and then left on the trail that winds through the wetlands (washhouse and fountain). Climb back up to the left towards the centre of town (La Vraie-Choix chapel).
5 Pierre du Pont Quil =The Stone of Quil Bridge Sulniac
To the left of the path, a rocky cliff towers over the creek of Ferrières.
One of the rocks overlooks the hillside. A large block sits at the top with rounded basins and rills hollowed in the granite.
Legend has it that it was a place of human sacrifice and that the blood of the victims flowed like a waterfall down the rock.
6 Fountain of Saints
The fountain is shaped like a small temple with four columns covered by a stone roof, giving it a monumental appearance. It is a beautiful example of a structure built during the 16th century in Brittany. It is classified as a Historical Monument. The fountain is surrounded by concrete slabs. In front, a basin that was used as a washing place.
7 La Vraie Croix, Maison Louis
Cette maison est la plus ancienne de la place. Depuis l'étang, il est possible de voir la tour à l'arrière.
Au XII et XIIIème siècle, les Moines Templiers de St Jean de Jérusalem y accueillaient les pélerins. Dans les années 1950, la famille Louis y avait installée une laiterie et lui a laissé le nom. Elle accueille maintenant des expositions.

Pour faire le circuit du patrimoine :!page=circuit&id=29091&langue=fr
8 La Vraie-Croix Chapel
The story and name of the town are linked with this tall chapel, which was originally built to house a relic of Christ's real cross. The chapel is classified as a Historical Monument.
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