Club de plongée de la rade de Brest

A choice of dives in Brest Roads
Diving at Brest

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  • If you like taking pictures underwater, get your camera ready! Throughout the year, setting out from Moulin Blanc marina, the volunteers at the club will share their passion for diving with you and show you all the riches of Brest Roads.

    “Our club is based entirely around our volunteers,” stated Samuel Nicolas, president of the club. With a vehicle, a RIB, which takes up to 18 people and the equipment for around a dozen divers, we are a small group, but that means we remain flexible.” When requested, the association organises training sessions, courses for levels 1, 2 and 3, and spends most of its time on exploring or introducing people to diving. “Although many people believe the opposite is true, Brest Roads has a very wide range of animal and plant life: huge sponges, colourful sea anemones, dogfish, weeds with sea horses… “ Certainly, there will be plenty to photograph down there.
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