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Diving at Brest

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  • Based in the commercial harbour in Brest, the Eau Libre Diving Club offers one of the widest ranges of activities in Brittany. They have their own pool and all types of sub aqua sports are possible, from beginners’ sessions to the awarding of professional qualifications.

    Eau Libre offers a wide range of water sports and sub aqua activities: initiation sessions, dives to go exploring, free diving, underwater trips … You choose what you want to do with programmes going from simple introductory sessions, to courses lasting several days and professional training. Apart from the 25° deep water pool reserved for diving, Eau Libre willingly takes its trainees to various underwater sites in the Iroise Sea, the Brest Inlet and Roads to visit wrecks… There are more than forty sites to visit. Alongside the traditional training programmes, one of the main features at Eau Libre is free diving, with underwater fishing as an option. Maybe you’d like to try some gymnastics? You can do that with the keep fit flippers. Please note, Eau Libre is the only officially recognized PADI diving school in Brest, and the training sessions are well know around the world. So you can train in Brest and then dive in Polynesia, for example…
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