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Discovering famous wrecks
Diving at Lanildut

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  • Based in the harbour in Lanildut, on the Iroise Sea, marking the place where the Atlantic and Channel come together, the Iroise Diving team awaits to take you diving around the island of Ushant and Molène.

    Specialising in trimix-nitrox diving, Iroise Diving takes you out to discover 25 wrecks. Designed for experienced divers these trips down to between 10 and 80 metres allow you to discover the sea bed where you can see the wreck of the Drummond Castle and the Amoco Cadiz… “Discovering underwater wrecks takes divers to a different world. Going beyond the discovery of underwater life, it is also a voyage back into time,” explained Gilbert Offret, head of Iroise Diving. Beginners are not forgotten and are also welcome to discover the pleasures of diving (from the age of 8) or hikes with flippers and snorkel along the wildest coasts of Brittany.
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