Crêperie Saint-Sauveur

As renowned as the port it calls home!
Restaurant, Creperie at Auray

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  • It was love at first sight for Aurore and Erwann when they discovered this crêperie in Auray. Their delicious crêpes and galettes are equally enchanting.

    The Saint-Saveur experience begins before you reach the crêperie: find it by following a tiny lane that climbs up from Saint-Goustan port. When you get there, take a seat on the delightful terrace or in the dining room and let your taste buds guide you. Traditional and original alike, everything is excellent here. Aurore "only uses fresh", with 100% buckwheat flour for the galettes and local produce. She has a secret trick for making the batter and a special knack when it comes to cooking it. But she won't say more than that! She serves galettes and crêpes the way she likes them: thin and crispy for the "buckwheats" and moist and melting for the sweet varieties.
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