Croisières à bord du Bro Warok

It's great to see Groix from the deck of the Bro-Warek!
Sailing at Port-Louis

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  • A day aboard the Bro Warok means an exciting voyage into the history of Port-Louis and traditional shipping. And a very pleasant way to sail to the island of Groix.

    The sleek shape of this lobster boat is irresistible, making you want to sail off into the sunset. Welcomed aboard by Alain and the bo'sun, the passengers settle down. The ramparts of Port-Louis recede as the company sails from the seaside resort of Lamor-Plage across Lorient harbour. On course for Groix! Take things at your own pace, hoist the sails, learn a little of the art of seafaring or listen to the skipper's yarns. On board, time is different. Relax, breathe deeply, look around and enjoy the moment. After the coves of the Groix coastline and the colourful façades of Port-Tudy, the Bro Warok anchors alongside a large beach of white sand. The perfect place for a picnic! The clear waters tempt you to take a dip. All too soon, it's time to return to the fortifications of Port-Louis. You can already hear the call of the sea again. Maybe this time you'll try a longer trip and head for the Ponant Islands.
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