Croisières à bord du vieux gréement Le Saint-Quay

Aboard the Saint-Quay, trips out to sea are just the ticket!
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  • All shipshape, the Saint-Quay departs from the port of the same name. For a day or a few hours, your voyage will be rich in excitement. Smiles at the ready!

    With a dozen passengers aboard, the yacht heads for the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, to the foot of the cliffs at Plouha or else to the Bréhat Archipelago. François and Jean-Pierre will make sure you get your sea-legs. They appreciate any help in handling the ship. With sails hoisted, this magnificent craft races at six knots. While François shows you the route on the chart, JP suggests casting a fishing line. Mindful of the tide, he steers the yacht through the channels of the archipelago. Another world, bursting with life, full of delight, appears before your eyes. To get a real feel for life aboard ship, you can also spend 24 hours under sail. It's a fantastic experience, allowing you to take your turn on watch, be lulled to sleep by the waves, and learn about the sailing skills of yesteryear.
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