Découverte de l'archipel de Bréhat en kayak

Bréhat, a jewel to explore with a paddle
at Ploubazlanec

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  • Come and discover the magnificent islands of Bréhat on a kayak. While taking part in this together, each member of your family can choose what they do and move around as they like in amongst all the rocks and islands.

    Setting off from the attractive seaside resort of Loguivy de la Mer, get into one of the kayaks and make yourself comfortable: and you’re off for three hours exploring the islands around Bréhat. The pink granite of the Côtes d’Armor will amaze everyone. Out on the water, you will discover more and more rocky outlets and islands. An ideal playground for the budding kayak enthusiast. Your monitor will guide you to ensure you don’t miss the slightest thing: birds, light, incredible landscapes… Kayaking offers a breath of freedom: an ideal means of getting around these relatively shallow waters, where boats cannot go. Apart from the secrets that will be revealed by the islands, your guide will take you to the oyster farmer at the Moulin oyster farm and you can visit the oyster beds. Something youngsters will never forget. Kayak excursions take place from April to November, and are available for anyone over the age of 12.
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