Ecomusée industriel des forges

Five generations of tinplating
Museum, Eco-museum at Inzinzac-Lochrist

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  • Relive the epic tale of the forges in Hennebont, which provided the tinplate for the canning plants in Brittany for a century.

    The Ecomusée des Forges (forges eco museum), with its original exhibition, films, stories and animated scale models, recounts the history of this “iron factory”, which marked the lives of five generations. The forges of Hennebont were created on the right bank of the Blavet River in 1860 by the Trottier brothers, to supply the canning plants of Brittany with tinplate. They really influenced local history, employing up to 3000 people in 1936. You will learn all about the trades of the forge, working with metal or wood, and also about rural and working class traditions. The museum's 18 rooms are set up in the former laboratory that was used for physical and chemical tests on metal. There are displays on architecture, traditional clothing, the habitat, professions and tools…
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