Embarquez à bord d'Ar Jentilez

Enjoy a fantastic meal while sailing around the Seven Islands
at Perros-Guirec

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  • Setting out from Perros-Guirec, you can discover the Pink Granite Coast while sailing aboard a traditional sailing vessel and at the same time enjoy tasting top quality local produce. Something that will please everyone and can be enjoyed even by young children.

    A copy of a 1906 sailing vessel, the Ar Jentilez is a traditional sailing vessel associated with the region and will offer you an incredible time. Under the supervision of a qualified instructor, you can all take part in sailing this fine vessel. Harden the sheets, ease them out, port, starboard… Sailing vocabulary will no longer hold any secrets for little adventurers. As you approach the Seven Islands, they will be amazed by all the sea birds. Even more incredible, they may encounter grey seals playing around or lying about on the rocks. At lunch time, the Ar Jentilez will moor up near an island to allow you to enjoy the sights and to taste some local produce. If you enjoy fine dining, you’re going to be spoilt. And why not drag a line behind you on the way home to catch some fish?
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