Escapade vers les Glénan en goélette

Picnic with the whole family in paradise
at Moëlan-sur-Mer

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  • Climb aboard a fast and comfortable schooner and head for the Glénan Islands. Once there, the family will be won over by Brittany’s very own Tahiti.

    The schooner Fillao awaits you in Moëlan-sur-Mer for a day at sea, where you can discover one of Brittany’s finest jewels. Aboard this fast boat that is easy to handle, your children can help your guide Véronique to hoist the sails and take part in manoeuvres. And you’re off! Heading south-westwards towards the famous Glénan Islands. Guaranteed enjoyment as you visit this parallel universe, where the clear waters will certainly surprise you… Some people talk about a lagoon when mentioning La Chambre, a conservation area on the islands. But you are still in Brittany. Out there, you can discover the various islands making up the group and can moor up for an exotic picnic. Véronique, your guide for the day will not have forgotten to bring some local oysters with her from Bélon, which you can taste while at sea.
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