Escape Game au Château de Vitré

Prisoners of the towering inferno
Escape game at Vitré

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  • Within the walls of the Vitré castle, “the secret of the Unnamed Tower” uses the escape game as a fun way to teach visitors about the local history.

    Help, somebody is missing! Jeanne, the castle archivist, has mysteriously disappeared! Guided by her colleague, will you be able to find what happened to her? At the time of her disappearance, the historian was tracing her roots back to her ancestor Pierre-Olivier Malherbe who was born in Vitré and was considered the first explorer to have travelled around the world on foot. All the clues lead to the Unnamed Tower which is totally inaccessible. Locked up in one of the castle rooms, teams of between three and seven members, will have an hour to solve the mystery. Be creative and use your logical spirit and communication skills as best as you can. Very popular as an outing amongst friends, the escape game is also suitable for families with children aged ten or over.
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    • In the town centre
  • Rates 2020
  • Adult
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