Etoile Molène

Etoile Molène, an old-fashioned 'super-yacht'!
Sailing at Saint-Malo

Pro engagé
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  • A blast of the fog-horn to greet the ramparts of Saint-Malo and the Etoile Molène sets sail for the Chausey Isles or the Ebihens Archipelago. Set a course for a glorious day!

    The Etoile Molène is unique in every way. Firstly, there's its sleek, elegant shape. Then there's the golden sail that crowns its rigging. And the speed which this boat, with its fine complement of sails, is able to reach. Its capabilities inspired Bob Escoffier himself to take this traditional fishing craft, called a dundee, on the Route du Rhum in 1994! But you don't need to be a hardened sailor to come aboard. Passengers can enjoy its performance from the comfort of the deck saloon. The veranda is perfect for an aperitif! For Augustin, the skipper, it's an opportunity to tell us tales of the yacht's past. Thanks to him and his crew, there's great camaraderie aboard both at sea and at anchor. Aboard the Etoile Molène, every trip follows a lucky star.
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