Evasion à Saint-Nazaire

Departure imminent, escape from it all in Saint-Nazaire!
Guided tour at Saint-Nazaire

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  • Anchored in the Loire estuary, Saint-Nazaire mixes maritime pleasure with military exploits. Just a stone's throw from the beaches, this port and town invites you to explore its history. Climb aboard a cruise-ship or a submarine and let the adventure begin!

    Birthplace of many a legendary cruise ship, the port still perpetuates the transatlantic legend. In the bays of the submarine base, this year Escal'Atlantic offers you the very last chance to visit the Normandie and the France. Once you've crossed the gangplank, enjoy the elegant atmosphere of these floating cities. From the cabins to the machine room, travel back in time. Underneath the fortified lock, the Espadon points its bow, just waiting to plunge you into the world of submariners. Narrow bunks, walls covered with dials and levers, just one shower...this is an entirely unique universe. And the Espadon experience is even more unique! Assembling under one roof the various facets of the town, the ecomuseum traces the exceptional history of the port and its inhabitants. A very unusual voyage indeed!
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