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Festival de Cornouaille

Festival de Cornouaille, les 100 ans du Festival

Cornwall or Cournouaille?
Concert, Fest-Deiz / Fest-Noz, Festival, Cultural, Dance, Music in Quimper
  • This venerable festival, which takes place in Quimper every year, is undoubtedly the daddy of Breton cultural festivals. Its origins are in the inter-war period, but its importance increased after World War II when the question of the survival of Breton culture became particularly pressing.

  • Cournouaille, incidentally, is the name for this particular region of Brittany where Cornish migrants settled, so the ties with Cornwall (culturally and linguistically) are very strong. Today’s 9-day mega event is not just taken up with concerts but workshops, dances, cooking demonstrations and tastings, fashion shows and, inevitably, fest-noz – the traditional Breton ‘night parties’. Many individual events are free or else very reasonably priced.
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  • From July 19, 2023 until July 23, 2023
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