Festival d'été "Les Nocturnes"

The stars shine brighter at night!
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Les Nocturnes© OT Baie de St-Brieuc
Les Nocturnes©
Les Nocturnes© B. Todesco
Les Nocturnes©
  • It’s become a great tradition. Every year, the town of Saint-Brieuc lets its festival run right through the night. And what makes it even better is .... the night lasts for two months!

    Saint-Brieuc life is more than just art rock! Just take a look at Les Nocturnes, which for almost two months invites spectators to discover the best of today’s music and street art, all for free. From the pink Didier Super to the punk Les Ramoneurs De Menhirs, from theatre company Qualité Street to compatriots Thé à la Rue, the public are praying that the sun won’t come up tomorrow. And once again this summer, from Raggalendo’s pure Berber Breton track An Dro Madère to Mariana Caetano’s Forro do Bernardo with its promises of Brazilian sunshine, the audience will find out for themselves that it’s true: the stars really do shine brighter at night.
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    • Disabled facilities and reception
  • From July 19, 2019 until August 23, 2019
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