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Festival Insolent©
Festival Insolent©
  • On the road, twice a year, but always out-of-season, with a widely-varying programme…The Insolent festival is always the odd one out, and always the one with the top-class billing!

    In 1994, a small festival took place in Finistère for the first time, well out of season. Bands on-stage in autumn? What a strange idea!!! That was merely the beginnings of insolence. Since then, the festival has grown to attract thousands. With this level of success, why not have two festivals a year? In summer? No, that’s corny. Spring, now that’s the thing. So now there are two Insolent festivals every year: one in the spring and one in the autumn. Where? Ah, now that depends…Quimper, Lorient, Morlaix, Vannes... A travelling festival? Now that’s getting positively brazen. Despite, or perhaps thanks to, its inability to march in step, the Insolent festival is always a great success. And that’s because of its eclectic billings and high-ranking headliners, including numerous appearances by electroband C2C and Raggasonic already. Every season, Insolent attracts the kings and queens of alternative rock, rap, punk and French chanson, and all in joyful harmony!
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  • On April 20, 2019
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