Festival Place aux Mômes "Philémon et Merveilles"

Brittany’s coastline goes all out to entertain your children in the holidays
Show ,  Cultural at Perros-Guirec

place aux momes©Office de tourisme de Perros-Guirec
philemon-et-merveilles©Philémon et Merveilles
  • The holidays are here and the 23 ‘Sensation Bretagne’ resorts are hosting a series of free shows for children aged 4 and over.

    Each season brings its share of surprises and entertainment to Brittany's coastline: the Place aux Mômes festival is stopping off at coastal towns in the Sensation Bretagne network. On the bill, a whole host of shows, including nearly 120 summer specials. All sorts of entertainment has been organised throughout the school holidays, entirely for free: from solo clown performances to dance acts, theatre, singing, and puppetry… The performers have only one thing in mind: to give your family a fun and magical time. And maybe to create the lasting impression that live shows go together with holiday resorts…
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  • On October 24, 2019
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