FRAC Bretagne - Fonds régional d’art contemporain

Bringing contemporary art to Brittany
Museum, Modern/contemporary art at Rennes

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  • The Regional Contemporary Art Fund (FRAC) in Rennes is without a doubt Brittany's largest institution for contemporary art. Located in a remarkable building where several exhibitions are held every year, the FRAC also organises exhibitions throughout the region to bring art within everyone's reach.

    If, whilst travelling in Brittany, you come across a piece of contemporary art in a railway station, it’s probably something to do with the FRAC, whose main mission is to circulate art around the region. Interior décor, paintings, sculpture, installations, performances, videos... These itinerant works are also shown in the ultra-modern FRAC building in Rennes, which is in itself well worth the detour. Located just 10 minutes from the town centre, it was designed by the world famous Breton architect, Odile Decq. Five to six exhibitions are organised here every year, as well as meetings with artists and family workshops.
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