Gabare André Yvette

All aboard the André-Yvette and all hands on deck.
Sailing at Vannes

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  • Maurice, skipper of the André-Yvette, takes care of the ship's boys and girls as well as their parents. That's just what you need to ensure you feel at ease on this boat. You'll be clamouring to hoist the mainsail!

    You've barely weighed anchor before a sense of solidarity forms on deck. All hands work together hauling on the sheets (ropes) or handling the tiller. People of all ages are welcome aboard this sailing boat that is loaded with history. So that everyone can discover the joys of traditional sailing, the André-Yvette aims to be comfortable, safe and accessible to all, including people with reduced mobility. As it rides the waves of the little sea, it offers a unique experience, a touch of adventure and a story to share.
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