Guide de pêche Morbihan

With Paul, learning the tricks of sea fishing is easy
Fishing at Arzon

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  • No matter how much or how little fishing you've done, a few trips with Paul Boullosa will help you make rapid progress, in both technique and background knowledge.

    These days, as fishing techniques become more and more sophisticated, tuition from a professional can help you become proficient very quickly. That's what Paul is offering, setting out from the port of Crouesty, in the Gulf of Morbihan. "By coming out with me two or three times, you'll save yourself the equivalent of 10 or 15 years in terms of technique and background knowledge," says Paul, who was born and bred in Morbihan. "We're fortunate in that we operate in an area that's rich in fish, and is a particular favourite with sea bass." Paul runs trips from mid-April to mid-November and can take up to four people, experienced fishermen or beginners, on his 7 metre boat powered by a 225hp motor. "I'm here to teach people. I use flexible lures that add an extra challenge to the sport. In terms of efficiency, this is definitely the best way."
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