Insectarium de Lizio

60 species of insects
Zoo - Wildlife park at Lizio

Insectarium de Lizio© Insectarium de Lizio
  • This Insectarium, based in the little character town of Lizio, near Josselin, welcomes you for a totally new and fascinating experience within the insect universe.

    The Insectarium de Lizio aims to arouse curiosity and raise awareness of the arthropod world. With more than 60 species to discover living in their own ecosystems, it’s a long way off the 800,000 species identified around the world, but it's a marvellous sample nevertheless. Come and observe their wealth of colours, diverse range of shapes and their astonishing lifestyles. You’ll meet Goliath, the world’s biggest beetle, and stick insects – the true kings of camouflage – measuring over 40cm long. However the insectarium’s team is not content with just amazing you, they also enjoy explaining why insects are so useful to our earth's natural balance. Even in Brittany, it’s the bees that protect tomato plants from greenfly.
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