Joli Vent

The Joli-Vent will give you ideas for outings in the Gulf!
Sailing at Vannes

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  • You just can't miss the sinagots in the Gulf of Morbihan! With their black hulls and red sails, they are full of charm. Why not set sail on one?

    At 9:30, when the sun is playing leap-frog with a few stray clouds, the aptly named Joli-Vent ('Fair Wind') is ready to cast off. It trembles with excitement at the thought of coasting around the incredible oceanic garden of the Gulf of Morbihan! A scattering of islets ripples outwards and the bay offers so many different routes. The sinagot, a small boat typical of the region, is perfectly at home among secret beaches, tiny picturesque harbours, fishermen's hideouts...The skipper is happy to share the tiller and there are always volunteer to help with manoeuvres. Sailing gives you an appetite, so it's time to drop anchor for a picnic. In surroundings such as these, conversation is always pretty lively. After a break and a wander across the deserted beach, the boat sets sail again. Several delights later, at 17:00, the Joli-Vent returns to Port-Anna.
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