Kayak de mer en Baie de Douarnenez

How about exploring Douarnenez Bay by sea?
at Douarnenez

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  • Your children can become pirates or fishermen on this trip aboard a kayak, which anyone above the age of 12 can go on.

    The whole family will really enjoy paddling around this historic site. Various types of kayak are available according to the experience of the members of your family. For younger children and the least experienced, a state certified guide is there to help. For around 2h30, this sea trip will take you around historic fishing vessels, as well as around Tristan Island, the legendary hide-out for the pirate La Fontenelle. Something that will make kids and even adults dream… On top of all that, as a souvenir of this memorable trip, your guide will be taking with him a waterproof camera and you can get some photos of your day. It will certainly be something you’ll want to show your friends. All of the equipment you need is provided. Just wear some good sturdy shoes, and bring along something to protect you from the sun and a windcheater.
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