Kitesurf 22 - l'école de Kitesurf

Kite-surfing as you wish in Saint-Brieuc Bay
Kite surfing at Plérin

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  • From Etables to Erquy, the mobile school run by the Sylphe association takes into account the wind direction and the height of the tides to find the best site for your kite-surfing lesson.

    In Saint-Brieuc Bay, Tadeg Normand, a qualified instructor, gives kite-surfing lessons for beginners in the Sylphe club. When kite-surfing you can’t make any mistakes. In groups of three, I give two-hours classes and if people enjoy that, there is the possibility of a nine-hour course. To be sure of finding wind, the sessions can be spread over two months.” Depending on the weather conditions and tides, Tadeg chooses the best spot on the coast between Etables-sur-Mer and Pléneuf-Val-André. He also supplies equipment to beginners (wind from 3 to 12 square metres and float), lifejacket, harness, wetsuit as well as headphones and radio.) “To start, you need to weigh at least 50 kg and be willing to stick at it.” If you’re already used to board sports, kite flying or sailing, it will make it that much easier to learn.
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