Krog E Barz

The Krog E Barz, sailing with the scent of adventure.
Sailing at Arzon

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  • It's 8:45 at Port-Navalo. It's the right time and the sailing conditions are perfect. Go chase your dreams onboard the Krog E Barz. Five minutes after setting sail and there's a beginner at the tiller. Talk about 'in at the deep end'!

    Jérôme, 'first mate', so to speak, says it's true: "The crew hardly touches the tiller," except for a few manoeuvres. It's people power alone that hoists the great sail. The morning off-shore breeze merrily wafts this lobster boat towards the Bay of Quiberon, sheltered by the peninsula of the same name. With a coffee in your hand, you can pore over nautical charts. Take a compass bearing. Children discover the art of seafaring. To get to Houat or Hoëdic, you have a glorious trip, a taste of the real Brittany. While some take a tour of the island, others take advantage of the magnificent white sandy beach. At 15:00, the jaunty blue jib is unfurled again. In the afternoon, there's a thermal breeze to carry the ship to harbour. As you return to the quayside, it's hard to take leave of this yacht and its great atmosphere.
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