La Baie de Douarnenez à bord "Telenn Mor"

Following in the wake of the sardine fishermen in Douarnenez
at Douarnenez

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  • The sardine fishing boat Telenn-Mor waits to take children and their parents on an unforgettable adventure from Treboul harbour.

    You will be going aboard an old fishing vessel, which is in fact a 1983 replica of a traditional sardine fishing boat. The Telenn-Mor is bound to impress youngsters. Bruno, nicknamed Bubune, and his crewman will take care of manoeuvres, and you can lend a helping hand if you so wish. If you feel up to it, you can even take the helm. Something you can later be proud of, as you are now a real sardine fisherman. A keen and knowledgeable enthusiast, Bruno will tell you all about the history of these little sardine boats, about life on board and you will learn the names of all the sails... The whole family will enjoy the stories about sardine fishing during this three-hour trip. Around you, you won’t be disappointed either by the landscape: you’ll go by Tristan Island right outside the port, then the Telenn-Mor will head out to sea with the long sandy beaches stretching out behind you.
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