La Fabrique - Atelier du Lin

The history of weavers and their fabrics
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  • As a former centre for all that is woven, Quintin takes you back in time and relates the life of the weavers and, in particular, the linen trade.

    It takes you right back to the 18th century, when Quintin was an extremely prosperous weaving town. The museum cum workshop is extremely lifelike. The inside of a weaver's house is faithfully restored, and there is a real working 'spinning jenny'. So, to your bobbins! The history of the local linen business between the 16th and 18th centuries passes before your eyes. You’ll see the famous 'Bretagnes', the name of the local fabrics and source of Quintin's prosperity, leave for England, Spain and the Americas. If you plan to be there in August don't miss the weavers' festival! Quintin resounds to the parade of the weavers and flax pickers as it relives its glorious past.
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