La Marie Georgette

The Marie-Georgette brings some colour to your jaunts out to sea!
Sailing at Plougrescant

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  • Try a trip off the beaten track! The feisty Marie-Georgette takes you to Plougrescant's 'field of rocks', washed by turquoise waters.

    Shake that oil-can, crank that handle and the engine springs to life. The Marie Georgette roars beneath your feet, impatient for the off. Pascal, skipper for 20 years, announces the programme: you'll discover sailing, sea-fishing and a series of breath-taking landscapes. Easy does it, and the engine takes us to haul up some fishing pots. Swimming crabs and spider crabs land on deck. Pascal can put a name to every tiny pebble and every sea-bird. After a lunch break in a sheltered cove, the sails are hoisted. Formerly the mail ship for the island of Batz, the boat is very much at home in these waters. Line fishing, or 'trolling' can begin. The catch isn't important. The sight of the tides and the atmosphere onboard are more than enough. At the end of the day, it's hard to disembark. Fancy a drink on the terrace?
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