La Nébuleuse

You'll be on Cloud Nine aboard the Nébuleuse!
Sailing at Paimpol

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  • All hands on deck! At the start of your cruise, the sun-burnt crew introduces everyone to the Nébuleuse.

    This tuna-fishing vessel relives a former life as it welcomes passengers on board again. It's been beautifully restored. With its many different woods, the mess-room bespeaks maximum comfort and a touch of luxury. But it's on deck that you really appreciate the character of this boat, when the yacht leaves Lézardrieux to sail for the Bréhat Archipelago. Surrounded by hundreds of tiny islands, the sails are hoisted up the mast. Having mastered the basics, let your eyes linger on this magical kingdom, bobbing on the tide. With a passion for all things nautical, the skipper and crew share secrets about the seals, the gulls, and cormorants enlivening the rocks. Far more than just a trip to sea, it's a fabulous experience of being surrounded by nature...and good company.
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