La Roche aux Fées

Magic dolmen!
Historic site and monument, Megalith, Museum, Prehistory at Essé

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  • This 5000 year old passage grave is made up of around 40 blocks of purple shale. ‘La Roche aux Fées’ (Rock of the Fairies) is one of the best preserved dolmens in Europe.

    The monument is situated in the commune of Essé in the Ille-et-Vilaine department, thirty kilometres south-east of Rennes. Legend has it that fairies built it overnight to prove their very existence and to ensure the happiness of loving couples who count the exact same number of stones...The purple shale stones form a passage grave, a type of burial tomb commonplace during the 3rd millennium BC. At the time, the site would have been covered with a pile of dry stones, or cairn, adding to its monumental appearance. This passage grave is 19.5 metres long, 6 metres wide and 4 metres high. It is made up of stones taken from a deposit in the Theil-de-Bretagne forest, some 4 km south. Each of the stones weighs several tons…!
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