L’Abeille Vivante et la Cité des Fourmis

Bees and ants, really close up!
Zoo - Wildlife park at Le Faouët

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  • Bees and ants rule at this rural museum set in a traditional longhouse in Faouët.

    You’ll just love this Living Bee and City of Ants Museum (Le Musée de L’Abeille Vivante et de la Cité des Fourmis), situated in a converted farmhouse in Faouët. You’ll be able to observe the hives from close up and you can even watch swarms of bees in glass containers. You’ll also delve deep into the world of the fungus-farming ants, which often carry a load weighing far more than their own body. There’s even a chance to get down on all fours and crawl through a tunnel through a giant anthill, full of wood ants. At the end of the visit, pop along to the gift shop where you can buy a range of delicious honey-based products that will make a tasty souvenir.
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