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Guided tour at Concarneau

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  • Well known for its ‘ville close’ (walled town), Concarneau has a great number of attractions to tempt the visitor! Let yourself succumb to its charms!

    Concarneau, a ‘town of art and history’, is absolutely charming. You might be tempted by a guided tour of the ‘cité bleue’ (choose from ‘painters and Concarneau’, ‘around the fishing port’ etc.) or maybe you’d prefer to just stroll around. Concarneau has an important religious and military heritage (powder kegs in the walled town, ramparts, and the Cabellou fortress). Its main attraction is the ‘ville close’, or walled town, with its character houses, built during the 17th and 20th centuries by lawyers, tradesmen, painters and sailors. Concarneau looks toward the sea: from the 18th century onwards it became a major fishing and trading port, specialising in sardines. The canning factories prospered (there were 31 in 1930, but only 4 remain today). Walk by the fish auction or the ‘halle à marée’ (where the fish arrives from the sea) and feel the excitement…
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