L'archipel de Chausey en bisquine

Head for Chausey aboard a famous sailing vessel
Sailing at Cancale

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  • Discover the islands of Chausey on board the Cancalaise, an authentic replica of a famous fishing boat from Mont Saint-Michel Bay. All you need to go on board is to be over the age of 4.

    From Cancale, it just takes a few hours to get to the Chausey Islands on board the Cancalais, a 18.1 metre “bisquine”, a traditional sailing vessel for these waters. Throughout the crossing, you will be sailing with Mont St Michel in the background and maybe you will encounter some of the dolphins that live in the bay. Youngsters will be speechless when they see them… and adults amazed. A wild place that is well preserved, the islands of Chausey will charm the whole family with their beauty and wide range of landscapes. Please note that during the stopover, a guided tour of the main island is scheduled. The animal and plant life will no longer hold any secrets for young explorers. So many things to do and learn about, this day spent aboard a traditional fishing boat is something you won’t forget. Back on land, your children will have only one wish and that is to set off again as soon as possible.
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