L'archipel de Plougrescant en kayak de mer

A kayak trip around the island of Er
at La Roche-Derrien

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  • In the Côtes d’Armor, whatever your age, you will enjoy a trip aboard a sea kayak enabling you to get away from it all. Oyster beds, strangely shaped rock, many different types of birds. Plenty for young explorers to discover.

    It all begins on Beg ar Vilin Beach in Plougrescant, at the foot of the former custom officers’ hut. A special place to set out from for a trip that young kayakers are not likely to forget very quickly. Heading along the coast towards Porz-Hir, they will be able to see the many oyster beds, as they paddle around the various strangely shaped rocks and observe various types of sea bird. Parents and their children can then head for the Island of Er through a passage allowing them to enter a sort of lagoon, which is sheltered from the wind and swell. You will really feel that your have got away from everything and young adventurers will be proud of discovering this special place. Then, it’s off to the island of Loaven, which is not far away, for another short trip. After rounding the island, they will spot the custom officers’ hut, which marks end of this family outing, which takes place throughout the year for those who book their place.
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