L'Atelier de la Crêpe

Master the art of pancake-making
Crafts and technical visits at Saint-Malo

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  • Have you ever dreamed of opening a pancake house? At St Malo, the Atelier de la Crêpe will give you the recipe for success and teach you how to use your 'billig' (the griddle used to cook pancakes) like a top chef.

    Making pancakes is a serious business in Brittany. The Atelier de la Crêpe is an approved institution for vocational training. From beginners' courses to advanced, trainees are there for several weeks, getting their hand in before they open their own restaurant. But making pancakes is also fun for all the family, and you can eat as many as you like. If you're keen to learn about the gastronomic delights of Brittany, the Atelier de la Crêpe will teach you in a few hours. The introductory session in the morning (four hours) gives you a chance to get hands-on with mixing the batter, manipulating the 'rozell' (flat wooden rake used to spread the batter), keep the 'billig' (griddle) clean, make fillings for the galettes, etc. You'll soon know all there is to know about buckwheat. The Atelier de la Crêpe also teaches junior kitchen helpers from the age of 10, so they can give their parents a hand in the kitchen. You'll have no excuse now if your first pancake is a disaster!
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