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Le Grand Val, Caden

Walking/pedestrian, Mountain biking, Horse-riding in Caden

15.0 km
15.0 km
Mountain biking
1h 30min
15.0 km
1h 45min
  • This long loop passes through large wooded areas of oak and chestnut trees, including the Grand Val at the bottom of which flows Matz Creek. It leads to the Valley of Trévelo Creek, which separates the towns of Caden and Limerzel.

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Points of interest
1 Departure Rue du Vieux Calvaire
Follow D136 until the oratory of the Virgin Mary. In St Roux housing complex, turn left before the last house and go down into the undergrowth. After the last building of Chez Guillouche, take the path on the right. It is possible to return to the village via loop A (6.5km). Otherwise, continue on the path that winds around the pines and runs along the Grand Val.
2 Bois du Grand Val
Go down towards the creek and cross the bridge. Then go back up to the left between the stone walls (here, it is possible to return to the village via loop B - 9km) - otherwise (loop C - 16.5km) and continue until you reach the road and then turn right. Walk along the road until the bend and then go down the grassy path on the left.
3 Le Maunay
In the village of Le Maunay (Chapel of Maunaie), turn right and then left, before the last house, on the dirt road. At the paved road, fork left. Continue straight and then ease to the right. At the farm road, head left towards the village of Coq and just before, go straight on the path to the right until the gravel road. Then turn left and quickly veer to the right into the undergrowth.
4 Valley of Trévelo
In the Valley of Trévelo, follow the hillside and go left (junction with the path of the Valley of Trévelo of Limerzel). Many water mills were built along this valley. The creek is very rich in fish. At the end of the woods, turn left on the first road and then quickly, at the cross, go up 30m on the path to the left and turn right on the rocky path. Turn right at the road until the bend of the Grées de Coq and take the grassy path to the left that runs along the hedge. Turn right on the path between the grasses. Go down to the river (steps and footbridge) and climb up a steep path through the undergrowth. The trail turns right and then left. At the road, turn left and, before the farm, take the path on the right. After the houses, get off the road and go down through the undergrowth. After the footbridge, to the right, follow the creek.
5 Saint-Roux Fountain
At the picnic area, turn right towards St Roux Fountain. Water from this spring is known to cure skin problems.
Cross the road and in front of the fountain, turn right. Follow the covered path back to the village.
6 Les Digitales
Buildings from the former 17th century Presbytery were restored and transformed into the town hall in 2007 and "Les Digitales" Art Centre in 2011.
The Art Centre is a place for activities and exhibits. It displays different models of farming machinery from the collection of Mr Sevestre, a passionate farmer from Caden, and holds a museum presenting farming activities from yesterday and today with interviews from local farmers.
7 Chapel of Saint Vincent of Maunaie
It was restored in the 18th century by the rector of Caden, Jean-Louis de la Houssaye. The date "1756" is written over the side door. It is one of the six friar chapels of Caden. The inside is decorated with 21th century frescos painted by a local artist representing landscapes of the surrounding countryside.
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