Le Jean-René

The Jean-René, sailing through the backwaters of the estuaries
Sailing at Landéda

Le Jean-René©
  • There's nothing to beat a fishing trip aboard the Jean-René when it comes to enjoying natural surroundings. With your nose to the wind and your eyes on the sails, you'll be level with the waves and the rocks where the estuary meets the sea.

    This is a frisky little boat that provides some great thrills! The Jean-René, the young brother of the Martine, has chosen the estuary of Aber Benoît as its playground. Everyone has to join in the game to get the best out of this boat. That's easy when you're part of a mini-crew. You only need a few hands to cast off, hoist the unusual sail and take the helm. With its shallow draft, this friendly little sailboat can go anywhere. From the harbour of Saint-Pabu, it glides between the rocks, sails up a river or ventures to the regions where land meets sea. Just a stroke or two with the oar can give it a bit of speed. In the right conditions, it can cross from Saint-Pabu to Landeda, avoiding a long detour via the GR34. Discover the pleasure of traditional sailing!
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